Vaccine Safety Research Foundation: College Edition is a podcast run by university students with an archive of interviews discussing topics from How to FOYA Your College to testaments of students’ personal experiences. Hear other students’ stories and thoughts by visiting the podcast.

Students Against Mandates is a student-led group started in Manitoba, Canada. Students at S.A.M. are working to end mandates across Canada via legal action, peaceful protests, and education. Check out their events, podcast, and blog for more information and additional resources.

Stop College Mandates is a US-based organization dedicated uniting students, building communities, and embracing freedoms in order to end all current and future mandates on college campuses across the United States. Visit their website to get connected.

No College Mandates is a group of concerned parents, doctors, nurses, professors, and students working to end Covid-19 mandates across all college and university campuses. Check out their Substack, information on letter campaigns, exemption resources, legal actions, and more via the linked website.

Children’s Health Defense is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating childhood health epidemics caused by environmental exposures. CHD provides innumerable scientific, legal, and community resources relating to recent Covid-19 responses for both K-12 and collegiate students.

React 19 is dedicated to providing science-based aid to those suffering from long-term effects of Covid-19 vaccines. Read the stories of those injured by the vaccines and learn more about React 19’s efforts to bring awareness to vaccine risks on their website.

The Great Barrington Declaration is an open letter written and signed by medical and public health scientists and medical practitioners worldwide expressing concern over the impacts of prevailing Covid-19 policies. Signed October 4, 2020. Visit their website to read, sign, and share.

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